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YOU Teach Others How to Treat You

I love this article as being respectful to others is how I lead my life! In our shows we always treat our audience and the people who come on stage with the upmost respect

Have you ever noticed how some people always seem to be treated with respect and consideration, even if they don’t immediately appear to deserve it, while others are continually subjected to bullying, manipulation and many other negative behaviors?  Is it that the former are simply “nicer” people than the latter and thus deserve better treatment?  No!  It all comes down to the way that they have taught others to treat them.


In every interaction that we have with others, our actions and reactions tell them what they can get away with.  Passive people, for example, who let everyone treat them like doormats, give out the message that it’s okay for that to happen.  In not standing up for themselves, they signal they are prepared or even happy to be “put upon.”  Aggressive individuals, on the other hand, who communicate primarily through anger or sarcasm, invite the same in return.

Take a look around you and almost undoubtedly what you will find is that those people who are treated well are those who are assertive.  They neither shy away from issues and fail to stand up for themselves nor stamp their feet and raise their voices.  In essence, they behave in a way that is respectful toward themselves and others, and they are consequently treated the same way in return.

What messages are you giving out, and are they causing you to be treated as you would like?

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