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Using Everyday Items to Keep Fit

Staying in shape in important as a performer to always deliver high energy performances, recently I started roller skating again for fun and fitness! What can you find around your home to add to your fitness routine?

Especially during the past couple of years, as the world’s economic crisis began to bite, many people have had to cut back on nonessential expenditures.  For many regular users of gyms around the country, memberships to their favorite workout centers have been just one of the things to take a hit, and for many of those newly considering embarking on a fitness campaign, plans have had to be put on hold.  But staying healthy and active doesn’t require expensive equipment or fees, and with a few everyday items, you too can stay in tip-top condition for free.

Aside from power walking or jogging, which can be done anywhere and cost nothing, you can use cans or books as weights to keep muscles nicely toned, and a medium-sized bucket filled with water or sand is ideal for doing perfectly controlled bicep curls.  Jumping rope gives a great cardio workout, and you don’t need to spend a cent in order to take part.  All you need is a length of clothesline and you could be skipping your way to health and fitness.

Stairs, too, are ideal for exercising for free, although if you are using a carpeted indoor staircase, do take extreme care not to slip.  Running up and down stairs makes for a great workout in itself, but it’s also good for warming up.  Use your stairs for doing calf raises too; if you want some extra weight, just use a backpack filled with books.

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