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Wage war against desktop clutter

We know too well that staying on top of email and files on our computer can be chaos , we found these tips a wonderful help to organize and stay on top of things

Action files are your secret weapons against workplace clutter. You will find peace of mind— and your desktop—when you use those files to track current and pending activities as well as miscellaneous items you don’t want to overlook.

 Label files with the following titles, and start using them today:

  • Calls to return.

  • Agenda items for next staff meeting.

  • Expenses to submit.

  • Papers to file.

  • Ideas to experiment with.

  • Current administrative matters.

  • Upcoming trips.

  • Items to discuss with co-workers.

  • Pending.

Note: Use that last folder to file items when you are waiting for a response or when you need more information before you can act.

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