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Always follow your dreams! Sometimes there will be bumps in the road and sometimes it’s people that cause those bumps. Our belief is you can always learn something from everyone it might not be what you expect.

Life’s lessons often pop up at the least expected moments. That’s what one young man discovered when one of his dreams came true.

He’d wanted nothing more than to continue studying what he loved. When he first learned he’d been accepted to the graduate program at the university of his choice, he was overjoyed. He would be working with the sharpest minds in his field. He would also be leaving his family—even his country, India—behind. But the young man knew what he wanted and was willing to make these sacrifices.

However, when he arrived at the school and met his advisor, he was sorely disappointed. The advisor was a bitter man who seemed to have no other goal than to make life difficult for others. This held especially true for the young and eager student, who felt targeted by the advisor. Eventually, the situation grew so tense between the two that the young man considered making another sacrifice: giving up his two years of study, his school of choice, his brilliant colleagues. He was willing to go anywhere else and start over with a clean slate.

When he relayed this plan to his best friend, a graduate student from China, the friend shared this piece of wise advice: “You can leave this school and the work you have done so far. But if you leave to run away from this man who is giving you so much trouble, one thing I am sure of—another just like him will appear in your life and begin troubling you again. Your ‘teacher’ has arrived, my friend. But the ‘lesson’ he has for you is not one in engineering.”

The student, understanding the wisdom in his friend’s advice, stayed and worked out his troubles, successfully finishing the graduate program. Though it wasn’t easy, he learned how to handle the difficult and powerful people in his life. The former student is now a professor at one of the world’s best engineering institutes, where he often shares the hard lesson he learned with dreamers who are just beginning to navigate the world.

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